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Thursday, August 4, 2016

How We've Helped Erik L. Double the Amount of Real Estate Purchased

Tell me about your experience working with Erik Brown and The Mid Coast Group

"It's been a pleasure working for them. I've been getting business. The amount of real estate I've bought with them has doubled. It's been a very good experience. I've had better profit margins, better properties. The due diligence, before we go in and do work on the property or consider purchasing properties, are excellent.
My relationship started when I met Brandon Meter. I had a very small company where we were going to try to buy and sell properties doing flip projects. When I met Brandon, he took me under his wing and showed me how things worked. Now I've branched out of just small flip properties and have properties I intend to rent out. Most recently we have had the opportunity to talk about doing development projects. It's very exciting.
The time I was purchasing my first million dollar sell, Brandon came up with several different comps in the area as well as different versions of comps. The best case scenario, middle of the road scenario, and the worst case scenario and really showed me what to expect if we did these certain things. I know because of my business that he did hours upon hours of work on this. We're talking 50 homes or so that he looked at to narrow down to several dozen to do pro-formal worksheets and all kinds of things. It was good experience to get those comps together and really realize where this first million dollar home of mine was going to land on that spectrum."

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